The end

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Hey guys, it’s almost november and it’s time to change my blog again 🙂


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current song : 原諒我 – 李吉漢

another day of never ending editing! i love the aunties from production unit.. even the security lady.. they are nice (: i wanna watch Brothers 兄弟 .. why can’t spore have it in canto? =(  jog from my place to SP (clementi rd) yesterday… nowadays jog daily with my cuz.. still continue with 终极一家.. ulabaha! *lol*

 jay chou’s second song, 彩虹  is on air (:


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can you believe it? i didn’t go online today.. ok; actually i did.. but appear offline.. no time to chat. even jane i also no time reply! haha.. a busy day, keep on enhancing the stupid newsletter.. actually not enhance.. just change to meet their requirements *faints.. just how many more times do i have to change? i wanna sleep;

one more month to go

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went to setup the projector again after lunch time. our CEO actually sits there and wait for marketing dept ppl to come for the meeting.. sharon and I was like *omg* where are all those ppl?

 Kimi won! just by ONE points over hamilton and alonso.. hoOray~!

♥ Pretty Babe

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1 more hour to go and i’m so glad to say that..

“weekend is coming!”


suddenly, i cannot concentrate on my work.
i know i seldom say this but.. jolin is getting prettier pretty..  that dog is adorable >.<

♣ Pretty Babe ♣

FINALLY. There’s official info about Jay Chou World Tour 2008 ≤SINGAPORE

DATE ~ 19 Jan 2008 Sat, 8pm

VENUE ~ Singapore Indoor Stadium

TICKETS ~ S$198, S$168, S$138, S$108, S$78, S$28

→ Hurry! and grab your tickets, fellow jay chou’s fan c! 😉 cheers;

What have i done?

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shall stop doing my work.20mins til knock off time =)
design is fun, but tedious.. i feel like sleeping..

jane sent me this pic.. haha.. i know u miss me! *LOL*

i wish i could finish my drama soon. spare me some time!

Busy Day

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Back from work. Busy day… started to work on the newsletter design today.. gonna change the layout again cos too many text.. shall continue tmr..


is like the stupid-est MV ever.. it’s kinda cute actually.. can’t believe that guy in the MV is actually jay chou.. if it’s not him.. then nth wrong with the MV.. haha.. but then everyone’s reaction was like wtf? but the MV fits with the stupid song.. haha..