gosh! * sob sob.. just finished the last episode of “Silence”.. damn, in the end wei yi died… in the arms of shen shen.. happily.. ya, he’s actually happy when he died.. oh god! reali a nice ending although the guy died but at least every1’s happy after all… meaningful * claps to all the casts of the drama.. viczhou, parkeunhye, andyhui, meganlai, wangchuanyi etc… especially vic.. his acting skills reali improved.. go zai! 🙂 and parkeunhye.. she din even have to speak.. whoa, way to go!

what is the correct way of loving someone? love is not selfish.. you can’t only think of what you want.. it is very true that, as long as you know that someone whom you loved is living happily somewhere is better than to force someone unhappy to stay by your side.. no point engaging in a relationship that has no future.. love can be so complicated.. yeah, but that’s life…


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  1. i love this drama 😉

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