busy weekend


once again today is a history! went to chinatown point meet my cousins for breakfast/ lunch.. then buy some stuffs and headed to botanical gardens for a walk coz nth to do.. haha..! after that walk til the exit at bukit timah.. then we went to MacRitchie Resevoir opposite mediacorp thr.. once again too bored.. nth to do so went thr to explore! who knows, kena attacked by monkeys -.-” gosh! then went meet my other cousin, adeline for dinner at marina square.. we decided to dine at HK cafe .. loads of ppl there so we sit outside.. ate the dim sum then waited for our spaghetti and noodles for like
half an hour.. n my cuz’s food turn out have some blue thingy on the vege.. yuck… shop around marina square til closing time.. then headed to makansutra@glutton bay for supper… went home ard 12 somethin.oh tiring.. very tired.. walked like more than 5km today.. !


went to vivo again with jane and ah teh.. long time nvr meet up with ah teh, i think the last time we went out in spore was more than 1 yr ago. meet for lunch then walk around vivo.. loads of ppl there.. wanna try on a few tops.. end up din try anything.. the queue was so damn long.. =( cant online! need to wait til setup the wireless thingy..


bought new tops and bottoms today! i’m broke! went for steamboat at marina bay with my cousins- stephen, ade and her hubby 🙂 we took cab from suntec to marina bay.. eat eat eat! aahaha.. went home around 10 something.. oh, monday blues~


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