common tests week

at home studying for common tests ( who am i kidding!? watching 完全娛樂 and blogging here?) well well.. another uneventful week has gone by! it’s mid december now.. 2007 is coming soon~ went out with ah soo and jane yesterday.. guess wut? we went to VIVO again… omg! just how many times do i have to go there? that time we’re very hungry so no choice have to go the nearest- to eat :p eat at carl’s jr.. haha.. then walk around.. ah soo wanna buy the korean book so we went to PageOne.. jane and i discover this “making out in korean” book.. wuahha.. hilarious! =p headed to singtel outlet at orchard.. as usual, loads of ppl.. ppl everywhere! arghh.. f*cking tired see all those ppl.. went home around 6 something.. haha, watched star awards.. *woots gt ren fu and xie zhi..
guo pin chao somemore..very shuai >.< haha.. hou pei chen very pretty =)) after that we watched SAW til around 1 somethin then ah soo went home.. jane n i were damn freaked out after the movie.. -.-“


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