Close To My Heart

slept around 5.30 this morning.. stayed awake for the whole nite.. projects and blahx.. now freaking tired.. hmm, connection has been recovered =) went to sch around 10 with ying, do OOAD proj… hahas, our lecture starts at 3pm today~ took pics after nite class.. with the help of our lecturer =p lolx; very rare 6 of us took pics together.. seems like it’s the last day of sch.. in fact, only 1 week left.. =( no! gosh, reminds me of my sistas.. long time nvr gather ady.. saw those pics ade post at friendster during connie jie’s bday.. shaleen, ah wai, pei  yeik, and also beng n adrian.. shaleen’s hair is like damn LONG? haven’t met up in ages.. yeah, hope we can gather soon.. kl perharps?! well, depends on ah mien… reli miz u guys…

* loves; *


3 Responses to “Close To My Heart”

  1. welcome back~

  2. girl,get enough rest k..

  3. good luck..

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