Just My Luck

once again, encounter problems with the connection 😦 unable to go online for almost a week now.. really bad luck.. busy week for me.. projects, lab tests, quiz.. common test in another 2 weeks.. and this sem is almost coming to an end.. 😦 gonna miss my classmates.. went to bugis after class yesterday around 6pm.. with jel, shan and tongyi.. =) had our dinner at v8 .. it’s all good company and food for the night..walk around at bugis junction.. then headed to bugis street.. bought daren’s I believe.. PSS Grand Finals is on 4/2 =) haha.. walk til damn tired n din get to buy anything.. only tongyi spent a lot.. 😛 went home around 10.30pm.. tired and went to sleep.. cant sleep.. muscle pain n stuff 😦 arghh.. gonna do my OOAD proj now… gonna stay awake =p nitez ! will post pics soon… yeah~ tmr is thurs again..


One Response to “Just My Luck”

  1. good to hear that u enjoy urself 🙂 have a nice weekend!

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