Prince Hours

drama for the whole day.. coz i missed 花样 and 转角遇到爱 the other day..ok! and i actually cried watching ” 叶子” MV this afternoon.. haiz.. anyway, started watching Goong S aka Prince Hours ( spinoff of Goong aka Princess Hours) today.. se7en’s soo cute >.< loves.. no offence but seriously, i really don’t like that Kang Doo guy.. who plays Prince Lee Joon.. hmm.. omg! didn’t do any of my projects or revise for lab tests and stuff… aiyo! f*ck.. gonna start tmr.. pray hard.. that i will have the mood to do so.. *sigh

* Se7en – Dong Wook *

-yes! i’m back to se7olution (: –


2 Responses to “Prince Hours”

  1. so.. there’s a sequel for it huh…

  2. Wow! Nice Post I like this MV Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year 2011 Please Visit My Music song site.

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