Happy Fathers’ Day

it’s sunday.. going back soon.. saturday.. counting down.. havent start to do anything yet.. i’m so dead~ shall start soon… very soon~

* looking out from the car window.. on the way to senai aiport

went to town with mummy and jane’s mum in the morning.. hair treatment.. and i cut my fringe.. no more CHINA DOLL!! haha..

* at my sis’ shop’s fitting room.. haa..

went out with mienyi, ha wai ih and brian in the afternoon… reunion.. LoL.. it’s good to meet up and some bonding from time to time to update each other.. =) too bad our holidays are different.. had a great time talking and updating.. really miz them~

* at little nanyang..

* spicy prawns fried keuy teow =x only left…. ….

* empty glass of chocolate mint

* two of my sis from my high school gang

p/s : jane, u can only imagine with these SISA MAKANAN n catch a glimpse of ah mien and ah wai… LoL

” Happy Fathers’ Day “

the freaking guy admit that he didn’t want to attend GMA coz he don like the feeling seeing others go on stage and receive those awards n nth for him.. so ZHUAI wor… haha.. just like me!! i guess, he gt some attitude problem… so do i.. hahaaa… still, he received an award.. forget those stupid awards~ gary did well too.. everyone is equally good.. =)

SUPER JUNIOR oppa-s!!! nice performance…sarang hae

… 不能說的秘密 Unspeakable Secret… COMING SOON.. this july!!

i wanna watch thai horror flick.. “Alone”..



2 Responses to “Happy Fathers’ Day”

  1. arghh…kill u…buy me present when u back here..hahaha..

    ah mien, ah wai i miss u guys…buy me present too..haha

  2. haha.. yeah, wait me back then buy u present.. LoL

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