Enjoy Now, Cry Later !

went for movie with boyfren yesterday… watched OCEAN’S THIRTEEN.. haha..

as for today… eat, eat and eat…

* water chesnut

* LOVE it

* delicious.. satay~

* YummY~~

* ABC.. with lotsa milk ( nt like those in SG.. … =x ).. hahaha.. so nice!

just came back from supper at little nanyang… again~

* thumbs up.. this cendol is veri nice.. but too bad i dun like the coconut milk..

p/s = jane ying, i really miz the time me, u and ah mien went for the satay and ABC..

i’m fat!! i’m a pig!! going back this saturday.. tmr is the last day =( haiz.. havent started on my projects? how? i’m so dead… HELP!! someone plz… help me..



6 Responses to “Enjoy Now, Cry Later !”

  1. yeah..50 satays…2 plates of bread…1 cup of ice lemon drink or milk tea ah..and a plate of abc……ahhh, i wan to eat..tis time u went with who beside ah mien?or u went wit brian?

    wah u cham lor have to bring back lots of stuff..

  2. silence Says:

    looks good 🙂

  3. jane, dun look liao…tempting la haha…

  4. haha…yes,i know wats…

    my hometown yummy food…hur hur

  5. wad is ABC??

  6. ABC is ais batu campur..haha means mixed ice with fruit..is better than ais kacang here

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