I need a break..

it’s 2.18am now… still awake.. just completed my ICT project.. gonna present tmr.. slept late for few consecutive nights… gonna fall sick soon.. weekend is coming, but still cannot relax.. coz gonna do my mobile game… need to hand in by sunday.. haven’t start yet! gonna be busy for the few weeks ahead.. til common test and exam week then can relax.. although need to study but still better than now.. sleepless nites.. i hate it! i want holiday~ got a B for my 3D common test… didn’t quite expect it.. but well.. i’m lucky… i predict my GPA gonna drop like mad this sem.. *argh.. IM is no fun at all.. loads of projects.. i hate projects… only motivation now is… at the end of this month!! =) aja! fighting!


2 Responses to “I need a break..”

  1. * comes in and gives some motivation =)

  2. thanks wats =)

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