The secret has been revealed =)


I’ve watched Secret. went to Cathay with my sis yesterday night.. went to long john for our dinner before the movie.. if you asked me, i personally think this movie is damn nice =) perhaps some will think that they shouldn’t ask me cos I’m a fan of his or whatever.. but NO! i tell u.. it’s NICE.. no disappointments. The storyline is quite good.. very funny and sweet but kinda mysterious.. this movie is so MUSIC.. piano piano piano! *drools* haha.. great combination.. love the chemistry between jay and 小镁 and that KISS with the other girl… gosh! feel like whacking the screen >.< =x shouldn’t comment any further.. must watch! The movie has received good reviews from people i know..

Frankly, i didn’t really like his acting in Initial D and HJJ, but I have to say, Secret is really good. The plot was good, the way he had the movie done was good and his acting improved.. =) So, I don’t see why Jay can’t be involve in music and acting at the same time, if he is talented.. I think those doubters are going to eat up their words.. he can make great music as well as good movies.. =) 加油 !

* Sweet *

溫嵐 – 傻瓜

* love this song.. n the guy .. Haha..

** Gonna go study.. infotainment common test tomorrow.. just kill me! i haven’t start my DIRECTOR project yet.. die~!


2 Responses to “The secret has been revealed =)”

  1. when can i watch this movie? 😦

  2. landy is hott! =)

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