CURRENT MUSIC :  迷路兵-泪 / 王力宏-改变自己  * iloveleehom (: *

it’s september 11th again…
Day 2 of second week attachment…
being label as ‘xiao peng you’ and Jenny’s sis at work…
ah huat keep on insisting that jenny and i look alike.. amy agrees *faints
we’re very noisy at the office..
very sleepy… i wish i’m on my bed now…

 * fuck off if u don’t like it. stop critising!!

” Pointless flirtations, tasteless melodrama and cottoncandy jokes with an ending that simply does not make sense. Whether or not it’s shot nicely, well art directed, well acted or well scored….simply does not matter with a story this idiotic.”

– whoever agrees, don’t let me know..or else don’t blame me for killing u.. –


3 Responses to “9/11”

  1. haha…sure about jay..haha

  2. haha..sure about jay one

  3. *whacks

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