happy birthday joanne

happy birthday joanne

it’s tuesday.. result coming out tomorrow.. wish me LUCK ! Yes, all i need is LUCK now!! anyway, had a great weekend again.. went to the zoo with my darlings on saturday.. REUNION.. it’s very difficult that 5 of us can get together.. someone is missing though… came to SG for so many times and stayed here for more than 2 years.. but it’s my first trip to the zoo.. can u believe tong’s the first one to arrive? lol. shall update more bout our ZOO trip next time.. went to bukit timah food centre for our dinner after that.. nice food~ hehe… had hot plate tofu, chilli crabs, sambal kangkung and stingray~

went to ps on sunday afternoon.. meet up with my cousins n family.. had lunch and shop around together.. had a great time.. tired.. whole week- not even a single day get to stay at home.. been busy these 2 days.. went around doing installation for the new software and do troubleshooting in different departments.. even for the directors.. scary.. but they are nice, good people =) It’s only week 3… faster faster!! my cuz is coming back on thursday.. *whee .. miz her loads~

p/s = tong & xy.. remember send me those pics =)


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  1. sounds like fun there 🙂

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