Infinite Boredom

Day 4/Week 3 of attachment

since i’ve nothing personal to blog.. n nothing better to do…
was too bored. did a ‘search’ at yahoo on lara veronin and discover her personal blog she used to post regularly during her high school years.. I think it’s pretty weird to see how open she is, posting on her xanga and all. But she’s really quirky and interesting on her blog.. Makes me think twice about the level of fame she’s receiving in Asia. Despite being a celebrity.. she has some fucked up shit going on in her head…LMAO~
So, Jolin’s got a 80 minute MV/movie for her new album Agent J (will be released tmr). How spectacular.. I like 非卖品, 日不落.. All i can say is I salute to Jolin for trying her best..her diligence, her work ethic… *coughs.. Overall, i think it’s a slightly above-average and enjoyable album to listen to =) prefer her previous works though..

Agent J

* give me my weekend would ya?


2 Responses to “Infinite Boredom”

  1. hee…..weekend is coming liaw…

  2. Jolin battling out again…

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