i love my weekend

happy mid-autumn festival (yesterday)

4 interns came in on monday.from ITE, only for 3 weeks.. deal with printers, phone, bar code scanner today.. set up for some sales thingy.. leehom is coming! coming to nyp (my school) . one of my stupid fren dun believe me n say “lee hom going to ur sch ar? tht guy go to ur sch for what? sing ar? jay is coming to my hse leh” *faints.. gonna miz the chance again.. last time was beckham.. now leehom..

23/09/07 Saturday

went to east coast with my poly friends on saturday.. meet up with tong yi at bedok interchange.. waited for xy.. went to meet reb at parkway parade.. had our lunch there and headed to east coast park.. cycling.. fun fun fun! tong yi and i rent the “double” bike.. hahaha…

24/09/07 Sunday

jb again on sunday with my housemates.. went to help jane’s sis select her wedding photos.. after tht had our dinner at kimgary and shop around.. bought a pair of shoes only..

<< some STOLEN pics from jane’s blog >>

* combo – fish,pork,chicken *

* my pamelo lemon drink; at the corner *

* my fav; bosco wong (: *

* jane n i *


2 Responses to “i love my weekend”

  1. u steal my pics…haha…pay pay…haha..=P

    can buy me PSP???haha…blink blink*

  2. i liKe kimgary 🙂

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