To change or not to change?

rain. the sky is dark again.   

there’s going to be a fire drill on stupid. nothing much to do i’m here to blog again. now bout the song.. the front part of the song is so gay..hah! -.-” It sounded like some kiddy song, but who cares, I think it sounds upbeat and fun. my first response when i listen to this song is *LAUGH OUT LOUD* I really could not help laughing upon hearing it. gosh, this guy is soo.. cute! he let out a laugh like some cunnning kid in the intro of the song! people wanted him to CHANGE but when he changed, they don’t like it.. um, need to take some time getting used it..  the lyrics are funny too.. “in the bar only drink milk, why not drink beer”, how cute? haha.. I’m definitely looking forward to his new album. If you don’t like this song then wait for other songs k? (: n learn to love it.. coz i’m trying too..

i’m really into wei lian’s songs now.


2 Responses to “To change or not to change?”

  1. i was laughing out loud too when i heard tht song man..

  2. my first impression on the song is.. FUNNY n cute

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